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SOLD! GUCCI Vintage Shopper Tote Bag

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SOLD!! To “CHILL WITH THE JILL” in CA.😛Gucci vintage shopper tote. 1980s. Cool signature web handles. Outside pocket alteration, damaged zipper was removed. Base has navy corners, not just the monogram canvas, it is a nice reinforced feature that a lot if the Gucci vintage totes do not have. That makes this one unique!


Very clean exterior and interior and all piping in great condition, no blowouts to the piped edges, average vintage wear. Navy pigment has been cared for. Bag is a GREAT FIND!


11/28/19: We will have MORE PHOTOS ON BLACK FRIDAY. This single photo was taken right before closing for Thanksgiving! Don’t worry, she is real. We’ll get all the views posted for you, tomorrow.