Drop-Off Procedure During COVID

Drop-Off Procedure During COVID

For the safety of our staff and shoppers, we have a special process for drop-offs. 

  • When someone who has already made an appointment (August Appointments are no longer being made at this time), they will come and drop their sturdy bag/box/bin right inside the front door. 
  • If there is more than one person dropping off at a time, we have designated Hoola hoops that are six feet apart for the trader to leave their bags. 
  • Face coverings are absolutely required for entrance to the store, even when we are not technically open. 
  • In the back, we have designated spots for your drop-offs. your items are paired with other drop-offs from the same week and are not touched for at least 72 hours, but up to two weeks.  


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  • poppy

    hello new place looks awesome! would like to schedule a drop off for first or second week in October? thank you!

  • Anny Guimaraes

    Hi, I would like to make a drop off appointment. Thank you

  • Anna

    Hello! I’d like to make a drop off appointment. Thank you!

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