We accept donations during store hours to benefit
Taylor Bray Farm in Yarmouthport.
We'll add a red ribbon to your items, so shoppers can shop for a cause!

  1. Clean out your closet.
  2. Fold your laundered items into a bag, box or bin you do not want back



We will begin accepting formal and cocktail dresses

January 9th.

All Sizes, All Decades accepted

If you have a FORMAL or COCKTAIL Dress to consign you may bring them in anytime after January 9, 2024. 

We are looking for:

(Grand)Mother of the Bride/Groom
Military Ballgowns
Cocktail Dresses
Formal/Funky Jumpsuits
Semiformal Dresses
All Vintage formalwear from all Decades

This year we WILL be accepting Select Wedding Pieces

**If you have a wedding dress you are looking to consign, please keep in mind I make choices in here every day to make sure the prices are as accessible as possible and that extends to markets that don't tend to feel the same way. **

Please be mindful of condition of the items and be on the lookout for:
* Non Neutral Smells (Smoke, Basement, Mildew)
* Stains (Deodorant)
*Rips and Tears
*Zippers Work
*No Missing Buttons

You can find our 2024 Consignment Terms Here 


Last Day for Fur is Jan 30, 2024
Accepted Furs:
Furs we don't accept:
Big Cat (Tiger, Cheetah, Lynx, etc)
Persian Lamb (not Illegal, They just don't move for us)
Please Read our Consignment terms prior to bringing them in.
No Appointment needed as long as you have 5 or less Fur coats.
Absolutely NO Endangered Species,  No exceptions.  

Fur must not be shedding, torn, or dried out. 


Thank you for a GREAT YEAR!

There are no more Cash for Clothes Dates Until Spring 2024. 


Read About Our Process:

Wicked Thrift is still Cape Cod's ONLY Cash for Clothes Resale shop!

You can expect an UP FRONT CASH OFFER for your items! 

We evaluate items based on a variety of things including (but not limited to): Size, Brand, Colors, Fabrics and 10 years of pricing experience

A Traditional Consignment will be considered for select items on a case by case basis.

We Accept all adult sizes!
Women's XS-6X+, Men's XS-6X+
Women's Shoe Size 6-12, Men's Shoe Size 7-13

Condition is EVERYTHING
Please bring your items freshly laundered and free of stains, pulls, and deodorant marks.

All Brands Are Accepted
Although we don't have a list of brands we accept or don't please keep in mind that even though we are happy to keep them out of the landfills FAST FASHION brands will not resale for as much as other brands. 

Fast Fashion isn't just Shein, please see this list of brands our online competitor ThredUp consider "Ineligible for Payout":

(The ThredUp List is for reference and is not a guide we use to pass on items, just to show what brands may not resale for as much as others)

What to expect on a SAME DAY Buyout Day

There will be a number of open slots that are announced in advanced. This is first come first serve on the day of. We do not accept appointments in advanced. The first people in line by the time the doors open my drop off. 

Each person may bring 30 items to be dropped off in the morning on designated Cash for Clothes Dates. Please read below for the bag requirements and Wishlist

At the drop off time, you will be checked in and drop your bags off with us. We will give you a time to come back and retrieve your no thank you items and your cash offer. 

While you're gone, Missy will go through and see which items would be best for the needs of the store at that time. Any "No thank you" Items will be put back in your bag for same day retrieval. 

When you come back, you will be given your no thank you items and your cash. 

If you are not happy with your cash offer, you may opt out and take all of the items back. No individual items will be available for retrieval. It is an "all or nothing" cash offer for the items we accept. We will not provide an itemized list.

If you do not come back same day, the remaining "no thank you" items will be considered a donation and become the property of Wicked Thrift and the option to opt out of the cash offer expires close of business of the buyout date. Any Cash earned will be available for 6 months from the buyout date. After 6 months, your account will be closed, and cash is no longer eligible for pickup.

*We reserve the right to deny anyone from participating in our process.
Please be patient and kind to the staff, fellow sellers, and the process. 

Note: We do not accept drop offs in trash or paper bags or on hangers.
Please bring your items gently folded in a recycle shopper bag or small bin. Recycle Shopper bags are available for purchase if needed.